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August 11, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

The World Cinema Amsterdam festival is not just about watching movies. Sure, there are over 40 different movies that will be shown, but this festival digs a bit deeper in the beautiful world of cinema. There are also masterclasses, debates and of course parties.

world cinema amsterdam

There are both indoor and outdoor screenings. Venues include the De Balie (near Leidseplein), Rialto (in the South Side). The open air cinema will take place on the Marie Heineken Plein (behind the Heineken Experience) and the Open Air Theatre in the Vondelpark. Note: both open air cinema’s are without entrance fee. This year the cinema festival runs until 18th of August.

The World Cinema Amsterdam festival stays true to its name by showing movies from Latin America, Asia, Africa and basically everywhere on the planet. Some of the directors are flown in for a meet and greet. Unique about the World Cinema Amsterdam festival is the interaction between the makers and the viewers of movies.

world cinema amsterdam 2013

Expect to see the best independent movies. Titles that stand out include The Lunchbox (India), Esse Amor Que Nos Consome (Brazil) and Le Passé (France). This year there is also a special screening about slavery in the Dutch colonies called “Chains Broken”.

Tickets for the movies in Rialto and De Balie are € 9,50. The open air cinema in the Vondelpark and on the Marie Heinekenplein are for free. Find the full program and ticket information for World Cinema Amsterdam here.


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