top-1 Paradiso. This is one of the oldest and most legendary venues in the city. A key part of Amsterdam Nightlife. The characteristic architecture makes this a perfect location for live music and dance events, the Rolling stones, Level 42, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga are just a few of the legends who performed in the Paradiso. For more event information we advise to check the Paradiso schedule.

top-2 Melkweg. Like Paradiso Melkweg (Milky way) is a venue that holds space for live music events and dance events, Both Melkweg and Paradiso share the couter hippie culture from the mid 70’s but changed to the punk and new wave stream of the late 80’s. Melkweg is very relaxed and many big artists have performed here. Go to the Melkweg schedule for more info on upcoming events.melkweg-amsterdam

top-3Escape. This club is located at the Rembrandtplein and is not strictly nightclub they also have a grand cafe and lounge, atracting mainly a younger audience. Escape plays mostly club and house music. Perhaps the most important discotheque in Amsterdam nightlife. Open every thursday to sunday, Escape has different themes or event organisers every night they are open. For more info check the Escape website.

top-4Jimmy Woo. Upperclass nightclub or discotheque, that is what Jimmie Woo is all about. Models, foreign celebrities, jetset and a strict door policy make it a little less accessable than most of the clubs in the Leidseplein area. It is wise to have a proper dresscode if you want to be able to enter the Jimmie Woo. It is one of the newer top spots in Amsterdam nightlife. For more event info check the Jimmie Woo website.jimmie-woo-amsterdam

top-5Club Air. A part of the club IT legacy has reincarnated in the form of Club Air. This is Amsterdams latest nightlife hotspot. A mixture of young and older audience combined with the world’s best deejays make this a really good clubbing experience. Club Air is fair in its door policy, but be sure to have tickets or come there early because it doesnt have large public capacity. For more info check the Club Air

top-6Coffeeshops. Amsterdam is known for its liberal view towards marijuana. There are too many coffeeshops in Amsterdam to name, so we made a short list. Original Dampkring is renowned for the high quality smoke and fine atmosphere, that is probably why hollywood recorded the Oceans 12 movie here. Another coffeeshop  is Greenhouse, home of many celebrities that visit the city. Coffeeshops are a can’t miss experience if you want to know about nightlife in Amsterdam.coffeeshops-in-amsterdam

top-7Heineken Music Hall. Located outside the center of the city Heineken Music Hall is a concert and theater venue. Very popular foreign and national acts give shows in the Heineken music hall (HMH), the program of acts to come and where to book tickets you will find on the HMH website.HMH-amsterdam

top-8Ziggo Dome. Brand new high tech concert/event hall located near the Ajax football stadium. The biggest concert hall in Amsterdam. Ziggo dome does not only house concerts and live shows, the whole venue can be transformed into a sports arena for hockey and basketball games. For more info on the events coming check the Ziggo dome website.

top-9Bitterzoet. A nice cosy little venue in the spuistraat near central station. Home to music events ,stand up comedy shows and fashion events. Bitterzoet is for the urban street crowd, artists and students and is opened every day. A more relaxed spot in Amsterdam nightlife. For more info on events and tickets check the Bitterzoet websitebitterzoet-amsterdam

top-10Front. Also know as Kadinsky is a cafe in the center of the citywhere you can still find some true Amsterdam oldschoolers here we do consider this a fixture in Amsterdam Nightlife.

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