Amsterdam Shopping

Amsterdam is a great city for shopping. You will find everything from fashion streets with all the big brands, to nice little boutiques to typical Amsterdam markets.


Arts & Antiques

Amsterdam is known for is rich history and has an equally broad range of antiques available. When you’re looking for antiques you can go  to both markets or dedicated shopping street. Art is also a characterizing feature of the city. For the real deal, both Sotheby’s and Christies have an auction house in Amsterdam. Art is sold everywhere from gallery’s mostly in the canal area and various markets around town. If you’re looking for something special Amsterdam is the perfect place to go shopping. More info on Arts & Antique shopping here.

nieuwe spiegelstraat


Fashion Shopping

Outranked only by perhaps Paris, London and Milano, Amsterdam is a great place to go shopping for fashion. All the big brands have multiple stores around town. Most famous is the P.C. Hooftstraat in the southside of the city. Another great option is the Bijenkorf located right on Dam Square. Find all options for fashion shopping here.

louis vuitton shop pc hooft straat



If you’re looking to mix with the Amsterdammers on a local market there are a lot of options. The largest market is definitely Albert Cuyp in Amsterdams hip “de Pijp” neighborhood. There are also many specialized markets in the city centre such as the book market on Spui. The products on the markets in Amsterdam are generally very cheap and the people are quite friendly. Find all Amsterdam markets here.

albert cuyp market


Shopping Malls

Even though Amsterdams shopping is concentrated mostly on streets and markets, there are also some great shopping malls. Prime example is Amsterdam Magna Plaza. It is located in a beautiful historical building. It is located very close to Dam Square. Aside from the Magna Plaza other options include  Gelderlandplein in the affluent Southside. Find more info on Amsterdam shopping malls here.

magna plaza shopping mall



Of course you can not leave the magical city of Amsterdam without bringing something back for the homefront. Time to go shopping for Souvenirs! Like every major European capital you’ll find the souvenir shops all over the city centre. A good spot to shop for souvenirs is also the Flowers Market. Typical Amsterdam souvenirs would include clogs and ceramic mills. More info on souvenir shopping here.

amsterdam souvenirs clog

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