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Staying safe in Amsterdam is an easy job, if you are well informed. This page will provide you safety info, all you need to know about crime, getting around and the medical facilities in Amsterdam.


What to do when you’re in trouble

If you are in need of immediate help from the police, call 112. This number is in case of emergencies only. If you have a less urgent need but still need to get in touch with the authorities, call 0900-8844. Amsterdam also has a specific phone number for animals in distress. If you see this, call 144.

You can also visit one of the many police stations in Amsterdam. You can find a map and the addresses here.

amsterdam police


Amsterdam is continuously present in the top 15 safest cities in the world by most measures (Mercer, American Livewire etc.). And this is very true. Despite its reputation in some circles, Amsterdam has a low rate of crime, adequate police force and this leads to the famous relaxed atmosphere.

Still, like in any large city, there is crime and people do prey on tourists. Make sure you don’t respond (or respond friendly yet firm) to the few people who might offer you whatever on the streets. Make sure you don’t go around waving your money or expensive camera in the air and you’ll be just fine.


Getting around safety info

First thing to note is cycling. A lot of locals travel by bike. The city is very bicycle friendly, with many bicycle paths and a very lenient attitude towards traffic offenses by the cyclists. This is important to keep in mind when you walk the streets of Amsterdam: bikes are everywhere! Important safety info.

The tram, bus and metro system in Amsterdam is very safe. The locals barely remember that only 15 years ago some of the stations were crowded by drug addicts and the like. The situation has changed for the better. Right now, even at night, you should have no problems traveling by metro. Just take the regular rules in big cities into account.

safety info amsterdam metro

Medical facilities

The Netherlands have some of the best hospitals in the world and are ranked among the top 20 countries in the world in terms of best healthcare systems. In Amsterdam, you will find 6 large hospitals with modern technology and well trained staff. Check with your insurer if you are have international coverage.

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