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October 21, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

The PINT Bokbier Festival is the number one beer festival in Amsterdam. This festival takes place in the Beurs of Berlage between Dam Square and Central Station. If you’re into beer and would like to taste some of the most exquisite most historical brews in the world, PINT Bokbier Festival is the place to go.

pint bokbier festival

In the large main hall of the Beurs van Berlage you will find over 50 different types of bokbier served by various brewers. You get a glass on entrance and use this glass to taste all the different brews on offer.

Bokbier is dark ale beer, which is considered part of Dutch culture. The beers vary from deep dark to amber and lighter tints. This beer has been brewed since the 14th century and is a bit stronger than your regular Heineken lager. On the PINT Bokbier Festival there are beers available from Belgium and Germany as well. Famous brands attending are Budels, Hertog Jan, La Chouffe and Grolsch.

bokbier festival

The different brewers are true artisans and create a cozy yet serious atmosphere. It’s not just about getting hammered, this borders a wine tasting experience. But then with beer. You’ll also enjoy the live band adding to the experience.

The PINT Bokbier Festival attracts well over 10.000 visitors per year. This year it is held from the 25th to the 27th of October. Entry is €10. You can buy coins for beers for €2.50 a piece. This is a good price, in the center of Amsterdam comparable beers would cost around 4-5 euros.

bokbier fest

A great thing to do for both beer enthusiasts from a cultural perspective and if you’re on a holiday and want to do something different (or do the same thing different) in a remarkable setting.

Opening hours:
Friday 17:00-23:00
Saturday 12:00-23:00
Sunday 12:00-19:00

More information on the PINT Bokbier Festival in Amsterdam (Dutch)

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