National Tulip Day

December 9, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

Not many things are as Dutch as tulips. Sure, there’s cheese, Van Gogh and even a world market leadership in revolving doors, but this beautiful flower remains to be the number one symbol for The Netherlands according to many. For this reason National Tulip Day had it’s first edition in 2012 and is back the 18th of January in 2014.

national tulip day

National Tulip Day marks the start of the tulip season. From January to May Tulips are found everywhere in Amsterdam and around the world. According to the latest figures, the Netherlands exports over 1.6 billion tulips per year.

Dam Square is the center of it all. On the 18th of January the famous Amsterdam square is turned into a huge tulip garden. People are invited to pick free tulips and over 10.000 visitors were counted in the last edition. This is made possible by the best Dutch tulip growers and is a huge event for the flower industry.

dam square tulips

Both old and young will enjoy the event. Another good things to do on this day is to visit the flower market. Have a lovely day in Amsterdam totally dedicated to flowers and joy!

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