Jordaan festival

August 13, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

One of the classic festivals in Amsterdam is the Jordaan Festival. Amsterdam has a rich culture of tearjerker songs, Most of the Dutch artist who had any influence in Dutch music are from Amsterdam. Each year in the old center of the city “the Jordaan” there is a festival based on this music. Many local artists will perform and will lead you trough the balads of sailors, cityfolk and more of what Amsterdam had to offer troughout the years.

The Jordaan Festival is 13 untill 15 September in the Jordaan and is free of entrance.


The Jordaan Festival is more timid during the day, because many of the “older/ancient” inhabitants of the city find their way into nostalgia during the daily hours. At night after a certain amount of beers the volume goes up and more of the recent artist will do their show there, at night you will therefore find a younger crowd at the Jordaan Festival. Most of the performers are from Amsterdam and so their music is in Dutch, a must see if you want to see Amsterdams finest.

There is plenty of food and drinks available. Treat yourself to some typical Amsterdam snacks while enjoying the music.

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