Hugo Mulder at Original Dampkring gallery

May 2, 2014 in Amsterdam Blog

If you are into spraycans and sharp cutting tools the name Hugo Mulder must sound familiar to you. Opening his own personal show at the Original dampkring gallery on the 3rd of may 2014, Hugo mulder – up close and personal.

Hugo Mulder DHM is a Amsterdam based artist and that makes us proud. Known for several unique art pieces around the city and ofcourse known for the designs he makes for the Original Dampkring coffeeshop and the Original dampkring gallery.

This piece he recently made of the Amsterdam crest we are especially proud of….as we are iaminamsterdam.



Hugo is currently also curating the wall collections on expo at the Original Dampkring gallery, so after several quality shows from Telmomiel and Steve Locatelli it was time for a up close and personal with the curator himself. You can follow the scheduled events at  the facebook page of Original Dampkring

If you are in amsterdam from the 3rd of may we hope you will have the time to have a peak at the solo show from Hugo Mulder at dampkring gallery.

Original Dampkring gallery is located at Singel  395 near the famous flowermarket in Amsterdam, Location you can find trough this link


  • Up close and personal – Hugo Mulder
  • Opening 3rd of may 2014
  • Original Dampkring gallery
  • Singel 395 Amsterdam

Check the complete event on facebook

Hugo Mulder website

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