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October 9, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog, Amsterdam Restaurant

If you are looking for food, TRUST us, you want to read this.

Trust is a brand new feel good concept created near the albert cuyp market in Amsterdam. Come as you are, Pay as you feel is for some people an unbelievable businessplan…but it seems to work.

You come in, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a sandwich and you pay as you feel for what it was worth to you…Strange? We think its great, especially if it works…..Share and enjoy is what they must have been thinking while creating this concept.

Trust can be found at: Albert Cuypstraat 210, Amsterdam and on facebook so if you are in a trusty mood check them out.



TRUST is a collaborative project, inspired by:
Hugo Leemhuis, Ingrid Helsloot, Joyce Olivier, Maarten Zwemmer, Mariella van Mackelenbergh and Noor Lawant

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