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October 9, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog, Amsterdam Restaurant

Salad bar in Amsterdam, well that is a concept that was relatively new to the city.

Whoever thought Amsterdam was only about that other green plant couldn’t be more wrong. There is a huge healthy, organic and vegetarian food scene in our city.

Therefore we like to make you aware of this new place we just recently discovered.

Eat , Share , Live  that is the motto of SLA Amsterdam, SLA means lettuce in dutch for those of you who might think it is an interesting name for a salad bar. Healthy food with salad as its main base that is what SLA Amsterdam provides you with.


The concept works like this:

  1. Pick a kind of lettuce
  2. choose a pea, grain or seed variety
  3. choose your vegetable
  4. pick a topping
  5. and finish of with a dressing according to your preference

They also serve prepared salads for those of you who lack inspiration, as well as some biological green based side dishes.

Sla is located in The Pijp neighborhood.

  • SLA Amsterdam
  • Ceintuurbaan 149
  • Amsterdam

For more information about opening times check their website here.



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