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August 18, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

Dutch food is kind of hard to find in Amsterdam. Sometimes it feels as if you cannot count the numbers of Chinese, Italian, Indian and French restaurants, but a Dutch restaurant is not on the menu. This has two reasons.

First, Amsterdam is the most international city in the world (if you count the amount of different nationalities).  Second, The Netherlands does not have a particularly strong culinary tradition. But hold your horses. There are great restaurants in Amsterdam that serve Dutch food.

dutch food

Dutch food typically consists of meat, cooked potatoes with gravy and a vegetable like cabbage, spinache or endive. Some other famous local treats include pea soup, kroketten and beef stew.

haesje claes

Perhaps the most renowned Dutch restaurant is Haesje Claes. Named after the daughter of a very rich Amsterdam trader from the 16th century. This restaurant is located in the Spui street. It has the interior to back up the menu. Haesje Claes is housed in 6 historical buildings of which the original architecture and been preserved to a large extent. The restaurant is a landmark in itself. Haesje Claes serves a nearly definitive selection of Dutch food. Everything from biefstuk (steak) to pea soup back to various fish dishes is available. Be sure to also check out the typical Dutch deserts. Haesje Claes Menu here.

moeders rozengracht

Another prime example of a succesful restaurant with Dutch cuisine is Moeders (“mothers”). This restaurant is located on the Rozengracht. The interior is Amsterdam style cozy and most prominent are the many pictures of mothers on the walls. The menu is totally in line with the name as well. You get to choose dishes from 3 different mothers named Annie, Betty and Corrie. They serve typical Dutch food and have a good reputation among the locals. The food is fresh and there are also options for vegetarians. More info on Moeders here.

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