Amsterdam Light Festival

November 10, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

The Amsterdam Light Festival turns the already picturesque city into an even more magical place through various events around light shows. The city lights up from the 6th of December until the 19th of January 2014. If you are in town in this period, be sure to visit one of the events.

amsterdam light festival canal cruise

Perhaps the most prominent event of the Amsterdam Light Festival is the Amsterdam Lights Cruise. This special cruise takes you past all the monuments which are beautifully illuminated. Enjoy the beams on the river Amstel as well as on the canals. Gaze at the beautiful monuments of Amsterdam which are illuminated, but also find specific projects and installations built for the festival. Especially bridges are used during this festival, so a cruise is the perfect way to enjoy it. You get a free bowl of typical Dutch pea soup on the quay before departure. Get tickets and more information here!

amsterdam light festival art

Another great event during the Amsterdam Light Festival is the Illuminade. This walking tour takes you past various lighted artworks in the beautiful Plantagebuurt around Artis Zoo. If you’re into art this is a must see. A truly special exposition of great, challenging art illuminated by a seemingly endless amount of colors. The Illuminade is a great way to put some romance in your holiday as well.

Amsterdam light festival tickets

The many light shows and illuminations created by artists from all over the world are a unique way to experience Amsterdam. We would advise you to take the canal cruise, but even if you don’t want to spend any money, the unforgettable atmosphere in an already enlightened city is a treat in itself.

Tickets to the Amsterdam Light Festival events can be purchased at the locations. For tickets to the Amsterdam Lights Cruise, click here.

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