Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station is, true to it’s name, right in the centre of Amsterdam. Taking the train is one of the best ways to travel to Amsterdam because of this, you end up right in the middle of things.

amsterdam central station

Central Station is the prime hub for local travel. The large majority of the trams start here. It’s easy to take a tram to one the many hot spots in Amsterdam. The furthest major tourist location (Museumplein) is only 15 minutes by tram. Eleven different tram lines depart at Central Station, taking you to virtually every corner in Amsterdam. Download the PDF tram map here.

Amsterdam Central Station is also the starting point for three of the four Amsterdam metro lines. These will take you to the South and the South-East of Amsterdam. A fourth line, taking passengers from the North to the South of Amsterdam is being built at the moment.

amsterdam central station train

On the North side of the station you will find a large bus station with buses that will take you throughout and beyond Amsterdam. You will also find the free ferry’s to the North side of Amsterdam.

Additional to the local options, there are many options for traveling to one of Europe’s other great cities. Depart from Central Station to cities like Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin. More info on international travel here.


More than 250.000 passengers a day pass through the Amsterdam Central Station each day. The station is cleaner than most large inner city train stations in Europe. It’s currently being renovated.

The building that houses Amsterdam Central station is a landmark in it’s own right. It looks like the Rijksmuseum, which is no surprise as Pierre Cuypers was the architect for both. It is a castle like building with modern facilities. The main hall is a nice feature too.

amsterdam centraal station

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