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Amsterdam is our city, and we want to make it yours. All reviews and information you find on iaminamsterdam.com is brought to you by locals who are born and raised in Amsterdam. Expect both the typical landmarks and the hidden gems. We don’t stay in the city center, we also visit Amsterdam’s various great neighborhoods.

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hotels in amsterdamHotels in Amsterdam are clean, everybody speaks English (and some French and German too) and there are many options from great budget hotels to world leaders in luxury. There are many good hotels in the center, but because Amsterdam is so compact it doesn’t hurt to look in the surrounding neighborhoods. Generally you get more value for money, if location is not your number one concern.

hotel room in amsterdamFinding a hotel in Amsterdam can be daunting because there are so many options. This is why we only review hotels that we’ve had first hand experience with and think are worth your money. Select the right group hotels based on how much you want to spend.
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things to doAmsterdam is famous for it’s never ending amount of activities and fun things to do. There are always festivals, events and festivities in Amsterdam. We’ve not only reviewed the most obvious of them but also get you the hidden gems where you would less likely run into a lot of other tourists. Amsterdam has so many options for dining, shopping, guided tours and attractions, and you will find the best here.


canal cruiseIf you’re looking for something to do, stay up to date with our Amsterdam blog, all the important happenings are reviewed there. Select your favorite category of things to do below.

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things to seeAmsterdam is one of the few cities in the world where virtually the whole city center is designated to be a world heritage site. There are many things to see. In addition to the historic value, Amsterdam is also famous for it’s thriving art scene. There is a lot to see in Amsterdam so we’ve taken the liberty of taking the best of the best, including less known beautify in our city. Don’t forget there are various ways to check out the town, from canal cruises to bike rentals to a good old walk.


things to see museumsThe historic center in Amsterdam is quite large. It includes the red light district and the canal ring. Both are preserved to a large extent. There are also a lot of museums in Amsterdam. Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer are all Dutch painters which have the majority of their works displayed in our city. Select below what you want to see and explore your options.

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Amsterdam was ranked 2nd best city to live in, in the world, by the Economist (2012). This is partly because the city has a mind boggling amount of things to enjoy. Most famous are the perhaps less than honorable activities that take place in the Red Light District. The tolerant nature of Amsterdam comes into full play in this hedonistic section of the city. Because of it’s lenient policies around prostitution and pot, Amsterdam is considered a Valhalla for many. But don’t let the notoriety of this side of the city fool you.

Many it comes to many other life’s indulgences, Amsterdam ranks among the top in the world. If you’re looking for quality cuisine, it’s good to know that we have 10 different restaurants awarded with at least one Michelin star. Amsterdam is the most international city in the world (measured in amount of nationalities) which means you can enjoy great and real food from all over the globe.

Amsterdam tourism experts

This website is made by people who visited Amsterdam guided by people who are from the city itself. This gives you a powerful combination of in crowd information through the eyes of your fellow tourists. Our team of editors has hands on experience travel in our city. We aim to offer the perfect way to get a clear yet broad overview of what Amsterdam has to offer.


Enjoy The City

Whether you want to go on a low cost trip or are more interested in luxury travel, the capital of The Netherlands has what you need. This website zooms in on all different ways to enjoy Amsterdam. Take for example the many good budget hotels in the old city centre. Or find the list of elite hotels here.

The great thing about the city is the variety of possiblities. You can find world famous art in the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. On the other hand you can party hard and chill out in its clubs and coffeeshops. A truly unique travel experience catered to your specific taste!

The Top 10 of everything

We have created the top 10 Amsterdam acitvities in five different categories. If you’re looking for something to eat, check out our Top 10 Restaurants. Be sure to go through our Top 10 Sights to get a definitive list of the best things to see in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Blog

For regular updates on festivals, concerts, exhibitions and the like, visit our blog about Amsterdam. We also post good tips for tourists who visit our city.

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