West Beach Film Festival

August 19, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

The West Beach Film Festival is an open air cinema which runs for four weekends in September. The festival is located at the Sloterplas, in Amsterdam’s west side.

west beach film festival

What sets the West Beach Film Festival apart from the other open air cinema’s in Amsterdam is the no frills selection of movies. Where most festivals offer you kind of artsy movies, the West Beach has a few timeless classics everybody will enjoy. The festival is also free.

lord of the rings west beach

What about going to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the idyllic environment of a big lake, the Sloterplas. There are not a lot of chances to see this classic outside on a large screen with fellow enthousiasts. Other movie titles include The Big Lebowski, Intouchables and Lawless.

Another good point about the West Beach Film Festival is that if it rains there is a large indoor area available. No canceled evenings on this one.

intouchables west beach

The festival costs nothing! There are facilities to grab snacks and drinks while enjoying the movie. The West Beach runs from 6th to 28th of September and is opens at 20:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Be early at there is limited availability of seats!

More information on the West Beach Film Festival

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