This week tourist in Amsterdam June 16th

June 16, 2013 in Amsterdam Tourist

June is the sophisticated French period i guess, A good time for me to brush of my high school French. French people at least most of them are kind of shy when it comes to talking maybe because the majority of French people dont speak English very well, For me personally there is nothing more sexy then a French girl speaking english but thats me….

The French tourist are mostly well organised and have their whole Amsterdam visit planned out on forehand, the know exactly where to go and what to do…or pretend to very well. French travel in family groups mostly, besides the random young French couple and French boyband , the French family is what you see in the Amsterdam city center t these times.


The only thing typically French they all do when in the city of Amsterdam…..they eat baguettes and croisants at the Deli-France bakery store, probably to still have sort of that homely feeling 🙂

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