Visit Europe

When you visit Amsterdam, you can easily visit Europe. The city is close to many other legendary European capitals. Connections by plane, train or car are all available. A high speed train connection is often the best idea.



The great city of London is a less than a 1 hour flight from Amsterdam. Thanks to the low cost airlines a ticket can be as cheap as €60. You can also travel by car or train through the canal tunnel. London is a fantastic city to visit. It is according to many measurements the most international city in the world. There is the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St Paul and too many other landmarks to name. London is a very diverse city. The rich history of Great Britain is reflected in everything you see in the city. It has a cool atmosphere for such a big city. Aside from all of this, London is also one of the best places to shop in the world. A can’t miss city when you visit Europe.

London visit europe



When you visit Europe, you cannot miss out on Paris. The capital of France still has the grandeur is it so immensly famous for. Paris is a 5 hour drive or a 1 hour flight from Amsterdam. Also quite popular is the high speed train which takes you from city centre to city centre in 3.5 hours. Paris is according to many people the most beautiful city in the world. On the river banks of the Seine you find international top monuments such as the Eiffeltower, Louvre and the Notre Dame. Paris is one of the if not the most visited city in the world. The romantic atmosphere is unrivalled and unique among world class cities.

Paris Europe



Brussels is a 2 hour drive or a 40 minute flight from Amsterdam. The capital of Belgium is also more or less the capital of Europe. The European Commission and the worldwide headquarters for NATO are based in Brussels. For that reason it is a very international city. There are great dining opportunities and cultural venues. The charming historical atmosphere is especially felt on landmark places such as Grand Place.



Visit Europe – the other cities

Because of Amsterdam’s hub function in the airport industry, there are direct flights to any meaningful city in Europe. Cities like Barcelona, Rome, Berlin and Madrid are all within a 3 hour flight from the capital of the Netherlands. There are various low cost airlines operating on these routes, so it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

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