There are so many things to do in Amsterdam. This is list is not nearly complete, but it is the undisputed Top 10 things to do according to us!


red light district things to do

top-1Red Light District. A can’t miss area in Amsterdam is the Red Light District. Famous around the world, for some tourists this is the sole reason they visit the city. Walk through medieval alleys to witness the result from unique Dutch laws around prostetution and marijuana. The Red Light District never sleeps and is contrary to what many believe one of the safest areas in an already very safe city. Aside from the entertainment this is also the oldest part of Amsterdam. Click here for more info on the Red Light District.


canal tour things to do

top-2Canal Tour. The most visited tourist attraction in The Netherlands is the canal tour in Amsterdam. There are about 5 companies that offer you a boat ride on the wonderful canals. They all offer more or less the same thing. The tour is a great way to get acquainted with Amsterdam. At night diner cruises are offered and especially in the summer this is a great experience. Get more info on canal tours here.


flower markettop-3Flower Market. Another can’t miss activity is the Flower Market on the Singel canal. This is the worlds only floating flower market and it offers a unique combination of Dutch flowers and culture. If you want to buy something but not drag it with you for the rest of your trip, they also send the stuff to your home address. This is also a good place to shop for souvenirs. Get more info on the Flower Market here.


jordaan things to dotop-4Jordaan. The Jordaan is a nice little neighborhood with small streets and a couple of buzzing squares filled with bars and restaurants. It used to be the blue collar neighborhood but has since a few decades turned into a more expensive and trendy area where many young people live. It is one of the things to do on a sunny late afternoon. Just walk around and enjoy Amsterdam culture and its offerings. Get more info on the Jordaan here.

concertgebouwtop-5Concertgebouw. The Dutch royal concert hall is located on the Museumplein and one of the more stately buildings in Amsterdam. World class musician perform here, and it is a pretty upscale place. That said, they also have free entrance concerts on Wednesdays at 12:30 PM. The Concertgebouw also offers guided tours in the beautiful neo classical building where it is based. Get more info and tickets to the Concertgebouw here.


tuschinskitop-6Cinema. When it comes to Cinema, Amsterdam has two great historical movie theatres that definitely fall in to best things to do category. First you have Tuschinski. This grand mother of all theatres in the Netherlands is located on the Reguliersbreestraat, near Rembrandtplein. It shows popular movies and always has the new hits on display. Second there is The Movies. This movie theatre is located in the pitoresque Haarlemmerstraat. This old theatre has classical plush seats and the works. The show mostly alternative movies from other European countries. Get more info on Tuschinski and The Movies.


queens day amsterdamtop-7Queen’s Day. The classic festival in Amsterdam is of course Queen’s Day. On April 30th the city turns orange and has one of the largest street parties in the world. There is a lot to do. There are podiums everywhere with DJ’s and live music. But you could also go outside of the city centre and go bargain hunting in probably the largest yearly street market in Europe. Queen’s Day is a great day to enjoy Amsterdam at full speed with all the people on the streets. Get more info on Queen’s Day here.


vondelparktop-8Vondelpark. Visit this green oasis in the southside of the centre of Amsterdam if you’re looking for a quiet afternoon. The park is a great place to relaxe. It also offers various cafe’s in the middle of nature. The park is located between Museumplein and Leidseplein. During the summer people throw down their blankets and hang in the park, its a great way to meet the locals. Get more info on the Vondelpark here.


artistop-9Artis Royal Zoo. Artis Royal Zoo, or simply Artis, is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. It is located in the eastside of the city centre. There are more than 900 different species in Artis. Most popular are the lions, the aquarium (which also features an authentic canal aquarium) and the elephants. The zoo is very relaxing as it is based in a beautiful park. More info about Artis here.


rent a bike things to dotop-10Rent A Bike. One of the unique aspects of Amsterdam is that everybody rides a bike. You can also rent a bike yourself. Aside from the city centre one of the best things to do is to ride along the Amstel to villages around Amsterdam like Ouderkerk Aan De Amstel. This is a great way to spend a summer or spring day in Amsterdam. There are also great options in the northside of Amsterdam. Get more info on how to rent a bike here.

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