top-1Ciel Bleu. One of the three Amsterdam restaurants with a 2 star rating in the famous Michelin guide. This restaurant offers panoramic views over the city and is according to many the best culinary experience in The Netherlands. Ciel Bleu is located in the Okura Hotel, one of the highest towers in the city. Read more about Ciel Bleu here.

ciel bleu
top-2La Rive. A high class restaurant with 1 Michelin star. It is located in the Amstel Hotel, one of the top hotels in Amsterdam. La Rive is inspired by French Mediterranean cuisine, with a touch of Asian influences. It offers the possibility to eat in the kitchen and see the master chefs at work. Read more about one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam here.

la rive
top-3Toscanini. Amsterdam has many nice little restaurants. This is, according to many, the best of them. Toscanini is an italian restaurant located in the Jordaan neighborhood. Perfect in its atmosphere and fresh food. Toscanini is a favorite among the local people. Read more about Toscanini here.

top-4De Kas. Typical for Amsterdam but also unique among its restaurants. De Kas is located in a large greenhouse. Your food is in some cases grown right next to your table. It is therefore known for its incredibly fresh dishes, and top quality cuisine. The owner and chef was awarded a Michelin star. Read more about De Kas here.

de kas
top-5Dauphine. This relaxed yet hip restaurant is located near Amstel Station. Based in a huge old Renault garage (hence the name). Offers top quality and often surprising dishes. Dauphine also operates a club behind the restaurant. Frequented by a good amount of Dutch celebrities. Free parking. Read more about Dauphine here.

top-6Yamazoto. Yamazoto is the only real Japanese restaurant in Europe according to the food critics. Serving the exclusive haute cuisine of Japan, kaiseki ryori. They are awarded 1 Michelin star. It is located in the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam’s Southside. More info on Yamazoto here.

top-7Casa di David. A fine italiant restaurant right on the Singel, one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals. It offers a few tables located by the window, offering a stunning view. Known for their wide variety of pasta’s. Casa di David also has great pizza’s and is not expensive given the great atmosphere and quality. More info on Casa di David here.

casa di david
top-8Sea Palace. Sea Palace is located on the IJ next to Central Station. It is basically a large floating Chinese temple and offers great views of the surrounding river. They serve Cantonese food. The restaurant is especially known for its duck dishes. Many Chinese people living in Amsterdam eat here when they have something to celebrate.  Read more info on Sea Palace here.

Sea Palace
top-9 restaurantHaesje Claes. If you’re looking for Dutch traditional cuisine, this is the place to go. Haesje Claes is a cosy restaurant with a great atmosphere. It is located in the Spuistraat, and based in 6 adjecent historical buildings. The interior is almost totally preserved so it has a historical feel. Haesje Claes serves Dutch cuisine and this is quite rare in Amsterdam. Get more info about Haesje Claes here.

haesje claes


top-10Ctaste. Ctaste is not your average restaurant. The place is totally dark. The reason behind this is twofold. The servers are all visually impaired. Second, you have the chance to really enjoy your food because of the lack of light. This might sound gimmicky, but the menu is quite rich and the food is famous in Amsterdam. Read more info about Ctaste here.


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