Summer in Amsterdam

July 7, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

Today was a lovely summersday in Amsterdam, wether people are enjoying a cool drink on one of the nice terrasses on the famous squares or chilling out in one of the gorgeous Amsterdam parcs.

Summer in Amsterdam so today we decided to skip the park and go to Blijburg aan Zee, Blijburg is an artificial beach on the upper east side of Amsterdam in the IJburg area. We started our journey at central station and hopped on the 26tram, the journey itself is fun because you get to see a part of Amsterdam you normally would miss out on. When you get out of the Piet Hein tunnel ( the longest tunnel in Amsterdam) you reach the Amsterdam Campside “Camping Zeeburg”  from there on it looks like you enter the coastal area with lots of water and boating.



When we got of at the endstop of tram 26 it was but a short strawl in the direction of the water and we arrive at the beach. The pavillon offers a small but nice beachmenu and of course the neccesary refreshments. When you are with kids it is also a perfect solution for the warmer days in Amsterdam, lots of room and perfect beach playingground. After a nice fun day at the beach we walked a 5 minute walk to the nearby little harbour  and set ourselfs down for a nice harbourview dinner at “N.A.P”


 After dinner we headed back to the tram stop, again easy because it will take us 15 minutes to get to central station. Back at central station clearly states your back in the center of Amsterdam and you are in a vibrant cosmopole of a city….and you just came of the beach. So basically all i can say for what we call summer in Amsterdam it was a perfect day again.

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