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October 15, 2013 in Amsterdam Restaurant

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Stoop & Stoop is a Dutch cuisine restaurant in the Leidseplein area. The interior of this cozy cafe is typical for Amsterdam. Lot’s of brown and wood and the lights not too bright. The crowd is predominantly local. Because of the attractive prices Stoop & Stoop is frequented by students and locals with a keen eye for good simple food.


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Stoop & Stoop menu

Opening Hours
17:00 – 0:00 daily

€11,50 – €18,50

Lange leidsedwarsstraat 82
1017 NM Amsterdam

How to get there
Tram 1, 2 or 5, 53 or 54 or from Central Station to Leidseplein



The menu consists of mainly Dutch cafetaria dishes. This usually means a piece of fish or meat, salad and fries. The fries of choice at the Stoop & Stoop are Flemish. The meat dishes on offer include Wiener schnitzel (the best in town according to some), chicken satay, hamburger, spare ribs and many other options. Fishes served at the Stoop & Stoop are salmon, sole and excellent boiled mussels.

stoop stoop

Stoop & Stoop is located near Leidseplein. It is in the street where you find the McDonalds on the corner. This street (as do many in this area) has a lot of restaurants on offer. Most are not worth your time if you are not looking for a fast tourist dinner. This makes dining in Stoop & Stoop even better. The service is good and the place is always packed. One of the best in it’s category.


Bread with herb butter  3.25
Creamy tomato soup  4.50
Onion soup au gratin  5.00
Dutch pea soup with sausage  5.25
6 “van Dobben” bitterballen  5.00
Vietnamese eggrolls with chili sauce  5.00
Oriental chicken wings  5.50
Carpaccio of Beef with pesto and Old Amsterdam cheese  8.50
Dutch shrimp cocktail with toast  9.50
Salmon tartar with creme fraiche and capers  8.50


Salad Stoop & Stoop : Smoked chicken, sundried tomatoes and croutons
Salad goat cheese : Warm goat cheese, honey and walnuts
Gamba Salad : Green asparagus and fried gamba’s
Thai salad : Spicy noodle salad with thinly sliced beef, sesame seeds,
coriander and cashew nuts
As a starter   6.50
As a maincourse with fries 11.50


Vegetarian maincourses
Tortellini filled with spinach and ricotta, tomato sauce, rucola and pecorino 12.50
3 colors of pasta with pesto, vegetables ande pecorino 12.50
3 colors of pasta with garlic, cream and vegetables 12.50


Children’s menu
Chicken nuggets with fries and apple sauce  6.50


Maincourses meat
Vienna schitzel 11.50
Grilled fillet of chicken with sauce Provencal 13.50
Satay of chicken 13.50
Satay of pork tenderloin 14.50
Spare ribs, sweet, spicy or Lousiana ( bbq ) style 14.50
Fried fillets of pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce 14.50
Dutch beefsteak with homemade pepper sauce 13.50
Stoop & Stoop mega XL Hamburger ( 250 grams of beef ),
salad, Stoop & Stoop sauce en fries 13.50
Grilled lamcutlets with herb butter 15.50
Mixed grill with 2 cold sauces 17.50
Fillet of Beef with stoganoff sauce 18.50
Grilled sirloinsteak with red portsauce 15.50


Maincourses fish
Pasta with salmon, cream, cherry tomatoes and courgette 14.50
2 Fried soles with sauce remoulade 14.50
Grilled fillet of salmon with white wine sauce and Dutch shrimps 14.50
Boiled mussels ( only in the season ) served with 3 sauces 16.50
Fried Gamba’s in garlic 16.50


Children’s ice cream  3.50
Creme brulee  4.50
Homemade chocolate mousse  4.50
Dame Blanche  4.50
Coupe Stoop & Stoop : 2 flavors of ice cream with fresh fruit and whipped cream  5.75
Dutch apple pie with ice cream  5.50
Dessert pancake filled with ice cream and brandied raisins  7.50
Irish, Spanish, French or Italian coffee  6.50
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