Rent a boat in Amsterdam

July 8, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

Rent a boat in Amsterdam if you want to, you can explore the Amsterdam canals all by yourself, in the neighborhood of the “westerpark” you can rent a private boat.
You can either rent it for parts of the day or rent it for a period of 10 hours, that makes it very interesting to cruise the canals with a select group of your friends or family. If you are interested in sailing the Amsterdam waters please check the website for Amsterdam boat rental or


These days there are several locations where you can rent a private boat, dependend on the location of your stay

The Boats are electric so free of emmision and polution, because we want to do our share in Amsterdam. The electric boats are sturdy and stable so basically anybody can operate them without any previous experience or license. The boat rental supplies you with a map of all canals so you wont get lost or go the wrong way and end up in the “open ocean”. We do suggest you do take a little caution because in our experience the canal cruise boat drivers sometimes act like the busdrivers of the water 🙂

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