Pixar Exhibition

September 7, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

The Pixar Exhibition is to celebrate 25 years of the top animated movie company in the world. The movie studio, co-founded by the late great Steve Jobs, set a new standard with the classic Toy Story in 1995. How this movie came about, and everything that happened after is on display at this great exhibition.

pixar 25 years of animation

Pixar: 25 years of Animation offers more than 500 original artworks of the Californian movie studio. All the classics are included. Check out original artwork for movies like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Cars and WALL-E.

pixar exhibition

This is not just a simple company history. The exposition looks at the techniques used, the creative processes and basically why Pixar became to be so innovative and succesful. The comprehensive exposition is not only fun but also educational for children.

amsterdam expo pixar

The Pixar Exhibition takes place in the Amsterdam Expo in Amsterdam’s South side. It is actually in the middle of the Zuidas, Amsterdam’s prestigious commercial district. Find the Amsterdam Expo right next to the huge ABN-AMRO headquarters. It is therefore a great idea to visit in combination with the Zuidas and the affluent Apollobuurt. More info on this neighborhood here.

The exhibition is on until the 27th of October. Tickets are 16 euro. Buy them here online.

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