Nuit Blanche Amsterdam

September 10, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

Nuit Blanche (“White Night” – in French)  is a cultural event which takes place at night. It starts at 28 September 19:00 and ends at 7:00 the morning after. It’s a crazy ride on a cultural train you will never forget. And it takes place in the Red Light district at many beautiful locations!

The theme of this years edition is Crazy Makes Beautiful.

nuit blanche

The Nuit Blanche is filled with fine arts, science, theatre and the right amount of food and drinks. The program is very extensive, and you can’t be at all shows at once. We suggest you take a look at the full program here. The shows are quite experimental and daring. It is a great combination with the historical buildings used.

nuit blanche red light district

Take for example the Industrieele Groote Club (Industrial Large Club (really)), which is a large establishment building on Dam Square. During that night the building turns into an extensive interview session where art meets science. Or what about the Oudekerk (“Old Church”) which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Amsterdam.

Check out the Nuit Blanche festival if you’re into modern art, experimental theatre, and a taste of hedonist Amsterdam. Tickets are 19.50 euro. It’s well worth the long shows on the countless locations in the oldest part of Amsterdam. Buy tickets here.

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