New Years Day in Amsterdam

November 24, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

New Years Day in Amsterdam is a great way to start the new year. For some reason it’s usually sunny during the cold winter days which creates a relaxing and quiet atmosphere. After New Years Eve the locals tend to go to for a walk in Amsterdam’s parks, take a canal tour or have a good lunch in the city centre.

new years day in amsterdam

Most museums are open on New Years Day. This is an excellent way to chill out after a hopefully succesful New Years Eve before. The museums also have good restaurants where you can have a snack. Personally, we would advise the recenty renovated Rijksmuseum.

If you’re looking to relaxe with some good classical music, the Concertgebouw is famous for it’s New Year’s Concert. This year the concert hall with a top 3 ranking for acoustics will be hosting the Dutch Blazers Ensemble on the 1st of January. Get more info and tickets here.

new years concert amsterdam

A quiet stroll in the Vondelpark is another good way to spend New Years Day in Amsterdam. The green surroundings and slowly moving ponds are a beautiful sight this time of the year. In the Vondelpark you will find a few great cafes to sit down and have drink. If you’re looking for an even more peaceful environment we would advise you to go the one of the parks in Amsterdam’s south side. The Beatrixpark and the Amstelpark are both beautiful parks where you will meet very few tourists.

vondelpark new years day

It’s usually not too warm (around 0-5 degrees celcius) and if every few years Amsterdam is covered in snow on new years day. That is an especially good time to stroll in the parks. A lot of shops are open. Restaurants as well. There are various great dining options on new years day in Amsterdam.

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