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October 25, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog, Amsterdam Restaurant

Solo Venerdi pop up restaurant in Amsterdam.

If you are into a high quality Italian meal with a feeling like you are in  “mama”  her kitchen…. Then this friday night only restaurant is something for you. Great authentic Italian food made by the greatest chef’s available. Chef Otto Nout is the captain of the ship, or in this case “di mama in cucina”.

Otto Nout has an excellent résumé from quality restaurants like  Le Garage, Incanto en Pianeta Terra and his passion for food is what you will recognize when you are enjoying your diner. From October untill December 2013 Solo Venerdi hosts a Friday night you should taste, feel and enjoy. If you want to join a coming friday you can strictly make reservations trough email: The setting is homely, Long stretched tables where everyone sort of is that big Italian family enjoying a meal in the open kitchen..


Besides good food, your senses will also be catered with the finest wines and a homemade limoncello that will make you come back for more. When you get the chance we advise you to check it out, because it will be December before you know it…….

If you like more information on Solo Venerdi check out their facebook page to find out more on location and friday night menu.


Restaurant Solo Venerdi

Open from  4 oktober. From then the restaurant is open every friday untill December

  • People’s Place
  • Stadhouderskade 5
  • Amsterdam
  • mail:
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