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August 17, 2013 in Amsterdam Blog

The Amsterdamse Bostheater is an open air theatre which houses up to 1500 guests. The theatre is located in the North West side of the Amsterdamse Bos (“Amsterdam forest”), the biggest park in Amsterdam. A perfect way to end a day on your rented bike.

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The Amsterdamse Bostheater is open from July to mid September. Tickets are typically between €15 and €20. For this you get a summer evening in an idyllic environment while being treated to high quality music or theatre.

This year one of the big plays on the agenda is Cyrano. In terms of music look out for Andy Burrows and the Flemish Hooverphonic, the latter of which will perform with a full fledged orchestra. Check out the full agenda here.

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Food and drinks can be ordered at The Laspost (The Troublemaker). This nice bistro is especially set up for the Amsterdamse Bostheater and has a broad range of fresh foods.

The Amsterdamse Bostheater also features Boslab (“Forest lab”). This is a series of plays made by young Dutch talents for which the Amsterdamse Bostheater is one of hte biggest opportunities to show their works in The Netherlands. There are also workshop and creative sessions for young actors and directors.

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Be sure to check out the Amsterdamse Bostheater is you’re looking for a relaxing summer evening. Enjoy art in the midst of nature and take a step back from the bustling city of Amsterdam. The Amsterdamse Bos has many more good spots to offer so it’s a good stop on a bike trip. Do bear in mind that some of the plays might be in Dutch. The location is De Duizendmeterweg 7, 1182 DC Amstelveen.

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